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The number of positive COVID-19 cases reported Saturday dropped by 20% from a record set the day before. State health officials confirmed 134 new cases - down from a daily high of 168 cases on Friday. The new cases include 35 positive tests combined in Burleigh and Morton counties which has been at the forefront of the state’s spike in cases in the last two weeks. There were five new positive hits in Grand Forks County. The number of active cases decrease by 74, to 1,003. Hospitalizations decreased by two, to 45. The statewide death toll remained at 103 on Saturday.


316,217 - Total Number of Tests Completed* (+6,046 total tests from yesterday)

153,964 – Total Unique Individuals Tested* (+2,221 unique individuals from yesterday)

149,583 – Total Negative (+2,088 unique individuals from yesterday)

6,602 – Total Positive (+134 unique individuals from yesterday)

One case previously reported in Williams County was determined to be a duplicate

2.2% – Daily Positivity Rate**

371 – Total Hospitalized (+7 individual from yesterday)

45 – Currently Hospitalized (-2 individuals from yesterday)

5,396 – Total Recovered (+107 individuals from yesterday)

103 – Total Deaths*** (+0 individual from yesterday)

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