GFFD Heads West

GFFD Heads West Click to Enlarge

A team of Grand Forks firefighters hit the road at six a-m this morning (Monday) bound for Oregon to help battle fires on the west coast. The four crew members - along with equipment and a pumper truck - will link up with other fire personnel from Fargo and Williston on the journey.

Grand Forks Fire Chief Gary Lorenz says the department responded to a call for help from the state of Oregon through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact. That’s a national mutual aid system utilized during emergencies.

Lorenz says in some cities fire suppression resources have been decimated. He says the local unit will help protect structures next to the wildlnd and in communities that have lost all their fire gear.

The team is expected to be gone for 18 days – but Lorenz it won’t come at the expense of local fire protection. He says the firefighters heading west all volunteered for the extra duty. The department will be reimbursed for any costs incurred at the federal level.

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