GF Mask Use Survey

GF Mask Use Survey Click to Enlarge

A survey of Grand Forks shoppers suggests mask use increased as store requirements for face coverings were implemented. The research was presented to members of the city council last night. Several UND students spent six weeks during the summer observing customers at Hugo’s grocery stores. The study found that between June 22nd and July 28th mask use climbed from 35.6% to over75.3% - the day before the store implemented a mask policy.

Council member Bret Weber has been a vocal mask supporter. Weber says the chief take-way from the study is that requirements impact behaviors.

The survey also found that women and seniors were more likely to mask up than young males.


Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney has issued a Mayoral Mask Mandate within the City of Fargo utilizing emergency powers. Although the measure has the strongest possible recommendation - there is no penalty for non-compliance with this mandate.

Minot’s mayor also issued a mask mandate on Monday night, but there is no penalty for non-compliance.

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