Altru - updated visitor restrictions

Altru - updated visitor restrictions Click to Enlarge

Altru Health System has announced new restrictions on visitors:

No visitors are allowed in the emergency department, but if a patient requires assistance or a driver, exemptions for one visitor may be made.

No visitors in inpatient units, but some exceptions may be made by clinical administration.

Only one visitor is allowed in OB and Labor & Delivery units, procedural departments, the Family Birthing Center and for clinic appointments.

Two visitors are allowed in the NICU and Pediatric Unit (Parent/Guardian only) and procedural departments for patients under age 18.

· - All visitors and patients will continue to be screened upon entering Altru facilities.

· - Visitors should not have symptoms of respiratory infection such as a cough, shortness of breath or a fever.

· - No visitors under age 18.

· - Exceptions may be made by clinical administration for critical illness or end of life situations.

In addition, Altru will limit non-Altru staff from attending meetings, volunteer activities and events at Altru locations now through April 12. These limitations will include outside vendors and contractors that are non-essential to patient care or business operations. We will also be prioritizing virtual meetings and rescheduling, canceling or adjusting any meetings or events involving more than 20 people.

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