EGF Road Fund

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It was a theme that came up several times during Wednesday’s State of the City message in East Grand Forks – how to pay for future road reconstruction projects. It’s also a question pending before the city council.

East Grand Forks has identified three projects in need of help over the next ten years. City Administrator David Murphy says the funding options range from a citywide tax - or bond the projects and levy a special assessment against nearby property owners ranging from 30 to 50 percent over seven to ten years.

Mayor Steve Gander says it’s a delicate balance of what is fair to all taxpayers.

The initial list of roads in most need: portions of 11th Avenue Northeast….20th Street Northwest….and 5th Avenue. The council will continue to study the funding options.


In his State of the City address the mayor issued several goals for 2019. Those range from Local Government Aid reform....improvements at LaFave Park...and continued discussions with Grand Forks about a new south side neighborhood bridge.

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