Rost honored as America's Favorite Crossing Guard

Rost honored as America's Favorite Crossing Guard Click to Enlarge

Earlier this year, Grand Forks County Sheriff Bob Rost was voted America’s Favorite Crossing Guard.

On Wednesday, Rost received his award at a school assembly at Kelly Elementary, where he has volunteered as a crossing guard for 13 years.

Rost won the award in nationwide voting against 53 other nominees.

"It was a two-fold message when I started doing this years ago," Rost said. "First and foremost was the safety of the kids. The other part was that law enforcement officers are their friends -- and we're there to help them.

"Hopefully, when the kids come to school, I make their day, because I know they make mine."

The award is sponsored by Safe Kids Worldwide. Carma Hanson of the Grand Forks chapter says she’s thrilled that Rost won the award.

"I know he doesn't do it for the recognition and the honor and big parties like this," Hanson said. "He truly does it because it keeps kids safe and he cares about the kids of our community.

"We knew Bob was always the best, but now America knows that he’s the best."

Rost is stepping down as sheriff, but plans to run for county commission. He also plans to continue his crossing guard duties at Kelly.

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