NWS Flood Outlook

NWS Flood Outlook Click to Enlarge

The National Weather Service is predicting the Red River in Fargo will crest next week at between 30 and 32 feet. That’s less than the forecast issued just a few weeks ago when river watchers pegged a 50-50 event at 34 feet.

Less water coming from the south should have a positive impact on crest levels in Grand Forks. Jim Kaiser of the N-W-S office says it’s still too soon to predict how high the river will go in the northern end of the Red River Valley. Kaiser says the long range outlook appears quiet - but things can also change quickly in the spring.

The N-W-S says near perfect melt conditions have helped lower the numbers. Kaiser says anticipated highs Sunday-Monday should start to push some water into the river systems giving forecasters more information for northern areas of the RRV.

Kaiser says numbers for Grand Forks should start rolling out next week.

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