ND Teen Drivers

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A bill pending in the North Dakota Legislature would lengthen the amount of driver’s training for teens before they could get a driver’s license.

The bill would require one year of driver’s education for anyone under 18. It would also require a minimum of 50 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction in various driving conditions. That would include: night driving, driving on gravel and dirt roads, driving in both rural and urban conditions, and winter driving. There can be no more than one non-adult passenger in the car, with the exception of siblings. And the person can’t drive between sunset and 5 am, unless the person is driving to and from work.

Grand Forks Democratic Representative Mary Adams is the bill’s lead sponsor. Adams says having a teen die in a crash is horrendous. "I just think they need more behind the wheel...stuff."

A hearing has not yet been set.


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