MN Vaping Lawsuit

MN Vaping Lawsuit Click to Enlarge

Minnesota is filing a lawsuit against e-cigarette manufacturer JUUL Labs for deceptive marketing targeting young people.

Attorney General Keith Ellison says he has a duty to protect Minnesotans from deceptive…fraudulent…and unlawful practices.

Ellison says the complaint describes how JUUL developed sleek looking products and sweet popular flavors designed to lure young people into becoming addicted to its products.

In October the Minnesota Department of Health reported that in the last three years, the percentage of 11th graders who have vaped in the last 30 days has grown more than 50 percent, the percentage of 9th graders has grown 75 percent, and the percentage of 8th graders has grown nearly 100 percent.

To remedy this behavior, the State asks the court to:

  • Declare JUUL is responsible for creating a public nuisance in Minnesota and violating its consumer protection statutes;
  • Order JUUL to permanently stop its deceptive conduct in Minnesota, including marketing to youth;
  • Order JUUL to fund a corrective public education campaign in Minnesota about the dangers of youth vaping;
  • Order JUUL to fund clinical vaping cessation programs in Minnesota, including programs appropriate for youth;
  • Order JUUL to take affirmative steps to prevent the sale of its products to children;

· Order JUUL to disclose all its research relating to vaping and health;

  • Award monetary relief for the great harm and injury JUUL has caused in Minnesota;
  • Award civil penalties, investigatory fees, expert witness fees, and attorneys’ fees for violations of Minnesota’s consumer-protection laws;
  • Reimburse Minnesota for all its expenditures, since JUUL’s inception, related to controlling e-cigarette use among Minnesota’s youth; and
  • Order JUUL to disgorge all payments it received from its unlawful conduct.

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