MN lawmakers continue talks on affordable insulin

MN lawmakers continue talks on affordable insulin Click to Enlarge

A bipartisan group of Minnesota lawmakers held a roundtable discussion Wednesday to discuss ideas for improving access to affordable insulin.

Proposals for better access to emergency insulin stalled out during the last legislative session amid Republican opposition.

Fergus Falls resident Michele Cmela said she was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes a year ago, but found that Medicare and some health care providers do not cover enough of her needs.

"Heroin addicts are given Narcan and needles for free," Cmela said. "Why do we have to fight for this?"

Cmela added, "I shouldn't have to go to a foreign country to buy my medicine. I don't know what's in it. Yes, it's OK, probably, but still, we have to know what we're putting in our bodies, because within hours, we can be gone."

Cmela said she and her husband spent their grocery money to attend the meeting at the Capitol.

Last month, Minnesota lawmakers said they’ve agreed on a plan to get emergency insulin to diabetics, but not on how to pay for it.

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