MN Home Births

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Some midwives warn that Minnesota's unregulated midwifery practices pose a danger to mothers and babies as home births rise. Minnesota in 2000 recorded two planned home births. In 2018, that number jumped to 721. Tavniah Betts, a licensed midwife, says being licensed benefits families and midwives by providing access filing complaints. Tracey Lapointe, who's unlicensed, says requiring licensure would diminish the supply of midwives while demand rises.

State Sen. Jim Abeler said he's surprised by the number of midwives operating without a license and that he plans to reconsider the model he helped write two decades ago that doesn't require midwifery licenses.

Leah Fitzgerald, a medical malpractice attorney, said the lack of state oversight on midwifery practices leaves no standards for midwifes to follow.


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