GFPD holds 2nd consecutive Citizen's Academy

GFPD holds 2nd consecutive Citizen's Academy Click to Enlarge

For the second year in a row, the Grand Forks Police Department is holding a Citizen’s Academy, allowing community members to learn about the department -- from the officers themselves.

Lieutenant Jeremy Moe says the Academy gives the public a chance to experience every aspect of police work.

"You get an opportunity to go down to the range and learn about firearms safety," Moe said. "You get to learn about some of our special teams, what an investigation does, how our patrol is deployed -- absolutely great knowledge for you to understand what your police department does."

Last year, Moe says, nearly 30 people took part in the Academy. He says they were grateful for the education.

"A lot of the feedback we got was (about) the understanding of what we do, some of the hands-on experiences and maybe the answer of why we do the things we do," Moe said. "I think that was much appreciated."

The Academy will meet for three hours every Tuesday evening in September and October -- and it’s free. If interested, contact the G-F-P-D.

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