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The Grand Forks School Board went against an administrative recommendation last night and agreed to allow the nomination of six schools to the National Register of Historic Places.

The district’s administrative cabinet opposed the move fearing it could restrict or delay future building improvement projects. Superintendent Terry Brenner says the concern is on unintended consequences of the Historic Standards and Guidelines.

Several board members disagreed saying similar designations have not stopped the razing or remodeling of other buildings in the city. Shannon Mikula says it’s important to make decisions based on fact and not feelings. Board member Cynthia Shabb says she doesn't think the designation will have any impact on facility decisions.

The board voted five-to-three to allow the application to move forward.

The schools target for nomination: West…Lewis and Clark…Valley…Viking…Ben Franklin…and Wilder.


Members also approved the appointment of Jeff Manley to fill the open seat left by the resignation of Chris Douthit.


The board also set September 30th as the date to act on a three mill increase in the mill levy next year. No one showed up at a public hearing last night to discuss the spending plan. The three mill increase would generate around 727-thousand dollars for the 2019-20 budget period.

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