GF Police Auction to be held online

GF Police Auction to be held online Click to Enlarge

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing the Grand Forks Police Department’s annual auction to be held online this year.

It begins on Thursday and ends at 6 PM on July 16th.

Up for bid will be about 300 items that were acquired over the past year, unclaimed or abandoned.

Among them, more than 60 motor vehicles and about 200 bicycles…plus other items cleaned out of cars or trucks, such as tools and clothing.

Police Lt. Dwight Love says this is the first time the auction has been held online.

"Hopefully, it's better than the actual auction because you don't have to stand around outside for five hours waiting to bid on the one thing you want," Love said. "So it might actually may turn out better."

Love says the auction usually generates about $25,000 a year. That money goes into the city’s general fund.

You can view the available items or make a bid by going to

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