GF Mask Mandate?

GF Mask Mandate? Click to Enlarge

Is the city of Grand Forks inching towards adopting a mask mandate? The issue surfaced during a COVID-19 update with public health officials last night (Monday). Councilman Bret Weber says wearing a mask is highly recommended -and he favors the city taking a stronger approach in the name of public safety.Weber says unfortunately the failure of the state and city to adopt a mask requirement has put business in a tough spot.

Mayor Brandon Bochenski says he strongly encourages residents to wear a mask but mandating use is not the right course of action at this time.

Council member Ken Vien says masks can be proactive. Vien says he would rather educate people but “bold decisions” might be needed based on good data – especially with the start of the school year just around the corner.

Council President Dana Sande says he doesn’t support a mask mandate today – but he has a meeting on Wednesday with school leaders and his opinion could change.

Last week the Fargo City Commission approved a directive encouraging people to wear face masks.

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