GF - Fertilizer Plant

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Northern Plains Nitrogen is seeking another six month extension on a Letter of Intent to build a fertilizer plant near Grand Forks. It was back in May of 2013 that N-P-N first announced plans to construct a one-point-five billion dollar nitrogen production facility just west of the city. The plant would be located on land adjacent to the Grand Forks wastewater plant and utilize water from the sewage lagoons. N-P-N’s Larry Mackie says all the necessary permits are active and in place for construction. Mackie says the main stumbling block has been trying to entice investors into a project that can take four years to make a return.

As part of the latest extension the city plans to take a “pause” on infrastructure development and design pending a final financial plan. The city council is expected to endorse the L-O-I next week.

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