GF Facilities Task Force

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A task force charged with developing a long-range facilities plan is expected to present a final report to the Grand Forks School Board by mid-December. SitelogIC consultant Tom Weber says the working group still needs to review projects and funding options before crafting recommendations. Weber says the information will likely be broad-based to allow the board to look at short… mid… and long term solutions. He says many bonds have a window to spend the money that is shorter than a 15 year plan.

When the task force was formed this spring it consisted of about 45 members. Weber says the group has dwindled in size to about 25 – but it's the quality of work that's important.

Consultants have suggested a June 2021 time frame for a possible referendum – although no date has been set.

The Facilities Task Force will meet tonight (Thursday) at 6:00 p-m.

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