GF Drainage Study

GF Drainage Study Click to Enlarge

The city of Grand Forks will spend 95-thousand dollars on an updated drainage study for some south side neighborhoods. Webster, Foster and Weston Engineers will be charged with finding potential solutions to the flood threats impacting homeowners along Vail Circle…Glen Circle…and Westward Acres. Record rains this past fall flooded basements…streets…and yards.

Resident Maren Niemeier told council members last night that there is some urgency to finding a fix. Niemeier says the constant flooding might make homes in her neighborhood unsellable.

City Engineer Al Grasser says the city is hoping for a quick turnaround on the analysis. He says the goal is to receive the report in January.

Grasser says stormwater improvements in one part of the city may also have a beneficial impact on other areas as well.

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