GF COVID-19 Guidelines

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Grand Forks Mayor Brandon Bochenski is urging business owners to follow the updated risk level guidelines by the state to slow the spread of COVID-19. In a letter to the business community Bochenski said he recognizes this “considerably impacts your livelihoods and this is a very strenuous time for all of you. I am empathetic to the difficult circumstances you are in.”

The message goes on to say although the updates to the NDSmart Restart plan are recommendations, “I would encourage you to adhere and apply the occupancy guidelines to the best of your ability. Further disregard may lead to the necessity of enforcement.”

According to the mayor with active case numbers trending up in Grand Forks County and throughout the State of North Dakota, it is imperative we take steps to protect our community, especially our vulnerable populations. Safe business practices such as reducing occupancy limits, promoting social distancing, encouraging the use of face coverings of your employees and patrons, washing frequently used surfaces, and practicing good hand hygiene, will allow our Grand Forks business community and our citizens to get back to their activities and daily lives.

Among the changes for “yellow” or moderate ND risk levels:

  • 50% occupancy with a cap of 100 people (down from 250)
  • Encourage businesses to require face coverings

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