GF city website reaches 1M page views in 2019

GF city website reaches 1M page views in 2019 Click to Enlarge

For the first time, the city of Grand Forks website has had more than one million page views in a calendar year.

City officials say it happened shortly before 4:00 PM Monday.

The top five most-viewed pages so far in 2019 are “Flood Fight”, “Job Openings”, “Police Department”, “Bus Schedules” and “Utility Bill Payment”.

Also for the first time, the website this year has seen more mobile users than desktop users, by a 52 to 48 percent margin.

“This benchmark and specifically where people are going to most really demonstrate the City’s website is the ‘reliable go-to’ for City information,” said Mayor Michael R. Brown, “and it shows we are effectively meeting the increasing need for residents to get things done online like planning bus rides, paying bills and finding a job.”

The city website is

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