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Grand Forks plans to "tweak" but not let up in the battle against opioid addiction in 2018.

Grand Forks police treated 30 individuals for opioid overdoses last year - and there were four deaths. In addition Altru saw 345 drug admissions through the first nine months in 2017.

Health officials are working to increase education campaigns…evaluate curriculum…and make the anti-drug Naloxone more readily available to the public. Opiate Project coordinator Michael Dulitz informed the city council this week that they are also looking at the merits of a needle exchange program.

The city secured a 180-thousand dollar state grant this past summer to combat the opioid crisis. The grant requires 20-percent of the funding to target prevention and 80-percent treatment.

Grand Forks Call to Action:

Prevention and Education Grant Activity, January 2, 2017

Objective 1: Conduct Public Education campaigns to:

 Reduce the negative effects of substance abuse

 Remove the stigma of addiction and substance abuse disorder

Accomplishments: The Grand Forks Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition is disseminating Parents LEAD and "Lock, Monitor, Take Back" materials throughout the community.

Objective 2: Evaluate existing substance abuse prevention curriculum

 Review existing elementary school substance abuse prevention curriculum

 Conduct focus groups (Parents, GFPD, School staff) to determine effectiveness of "Winning Decisions"

 Provide summary/report

Accomplishments: Grand Forks Public Schools Character Education & Prevention Coordinator, Sarah Shimek, has been meeting with school personnel to evaluate the current substance abuse prevention curriculum taught in elementary schools.

Objective 3: Continued opioid management, including increased physician training and opioid alternatives.

Accomplishments: GFPHD utilizing NDDHS Community Grant funding is partnering with Public Health Units in Northeastern North Dakota to conduct a regional multi-media educational and informational campaign to increase awareness that prescription opioids can be addictive and dangerous. The campaign will also strive to decrease the number of individuals who use opioids recreationally or overuse them.

Objective 4: Promote activities for at-risk youth by:

 Providing scholarships for activities and transportation vouchers

 Securing funding to implement an adult mentoring program facilitated by South Middle School Teacher, Jodi Dodson

Accomplishments: The Grand Forks Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition is actively seeking sources to provide funding to implement Jodi Dodson’s Adult Mentoring Program.

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