GF Bump-outs

GF Bump-outs Click to Enlarge

If all goes well the Grand Forks council could see some bump-out designs on paper in the next two weeks. On Monday the council tabled action on the traffic calming features for DeMers Avenue pending further information. Consultant Mike Bittner of K-L-J has looked at the downtown corridor. So will bump-outs impede emergency vehicles? Bittner says it shouldn't have a major impact because you still have full access and emerency pre-emption. He says he’s taking an objective look at the idea. Bittner says the analysis found four locations where perhaps the city is better off without them.

According to design engineers the bump-outs will add little to no additional cost to a total reconstruction. Federal and state funds will cover the bulk of the six-point-five million dollar DeMers project.

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