Gazelka has 'grave concerns' about Walz stay-at-home order

Gazelka has 'grave concerns' about Walz stay-at-home order Click to Enlarge

Shortly after Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz ordered state residents to stay at home for two weeks to stop the spread of COVID-19… State Senate GOP Majority Leader Paul Gazelka said he had “grave concerns” about the order.

Gazelka said on Twitter that his concerns include “the consequences for families when their jobs and businesses that provide their livelihood are lost.”

Walz responded: “I, as governor, have to make the best decisions I can in this environment, working with the legislature. Certainly, (I) understand that not all will agree.”

The Democratic governor says the restrictions are critical to buy time to build up the state's capacity to handle a flood of infections.

People will still be allowed to go to grocery stores and their doctors and buy gasoline.

But the governor extended his order closing bars and restaurants to May 1. Curbside and delivery service will not be affected.

Schools will implement distance learning beginning Monday.

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