End Of Life - Minnesota

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Supporters of an end-of-life option for terminally ill Minnesota adults lobbied state lawmakers at a legislative committee meeting on Wednesday. The proposed bill by Representative Mike Freiberg would allow those with less than six months to live to get medication to end their lives. Freiberg says a recent public opinion survey found 73-perent of Minnesotans support the idea.

Among those testifying before the House Health and Human Services Policy Committee was Marianne Turnbull of St-Paul (MN). Turnbull has stage IV ovarian cancer. She says cancer dominates her thoughts - and she has come to respect the disease. Turnbill asked lawmakers to support the measure.

The bill is patterned after an Oregon law that has been in effect for more than 20 years. Critics fear the sick and elderly will be pressured to end their lives if the bill becomes law.


Republican Senator Michelle Benson issued a statement: “Physician-assisted suicide is a dangerous policy and we will not hear it in the Senate."

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