EGF Sign Ordinance

EGF Sign Ordinance Click to Enlarge

Is it a sign of the times? The East Grand Forks Police Department has asked the council for clarification on how it wants to enforce an unlawful sign ordinance.

By law the city prohibits residents from placing signs in a street right-of-way. Despite the local law many people frequently place signs advertising a garage sale…home for sale…graduation parties…or other events throughout the city.

Police Chief Mike Hedlund says it’s not something his department spends a lot of time on – preferring to act on a complaint-only basis. Mayor Steve Gander asked if it was worth the effort to pull the illegal signs and notify the owner of the ordinance. Hedland says they can do that - but it will be time consuming for the officers.

Violators could be fined 25 dollars plus court costs. The council is expected to bring up the issue at a future meeting.

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