EGF Sales Tax Planning

EGF Sales Tax Planning Click to Enlarge

East Grand Forks officials will likely wait until October before deciding whether to proceed with asking voters to support a new sales tax plan.

The city council reviewed a list of potential projects last night ranging from roads and sidewalks to quiet zones…parks…and bikeways. Mayor Steve Gander says it’s important to fund as many of those projects as possible through normal city budget process. Gander says he’s already been reminded by more than one person that the current sales tax to fund pool repairs is supposed to have a sunset clause. Gander says if the city is too eager to come back with a new tax plan it might not sit well with some residents.

One of the larger items on the “wish list” is improvements to the Civic Center and V-F-W Arena. Gander says that might qualify for local sales tax funding. He says the city has had a "dickens" of a time funding arena improvements. The mayor calls it a little bit of a "train wreck" out in front of the council.

The council will wait for the results of a facilities ice study before moving forward with any sales tax plan. The study is expected to be completed this fall.

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