EGF Road Swap

EGF Road Swap Click to Enlarge

MnDOT is asking East Grand Forks to make a road swap. The state is promoting a plan that would turn over control of Business Highway 2 in exchange for a-half mile stretch of DeMers Avenue.

One of the selling points is that MnDot would reconstruct Business 2 which is nearing the end of its lifespan. The projected cost could top ten-million dollars. MnDOT’s Darren Laesch says there’s pluses and minuses for both sides moving forward. Laesch says the state is not trying to set the city up for huge future expenses but it's one way the state can get projects reconstructed without long-term liability.

Some council members fear taking control of another 1.6 miles of highway could cost the city down the road.

The council took no action during last night’s work session.

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