EGF Ice Arena Expansion

EGF Ice Arena Expansion Click to Enlarge

A consultant’s report recommends East Grand Forks consider consolidating its two ice arenas into one location – at the Civic Center.

The city commissioned J-L-G Architects to study the aging arenas in light of an E-P-A decision to phase out production of the R-22 refrigerant. The product is being banned for environmental reasons and will be removed from production and import as of January 2020.

J-L-G will present the study findings to the city council tonight (Tuesday). The analysis says since both ice systems are in need of replacement - soon - there is an opportunity to consolidate and lower long term costs. Those include such things as staffing…utilities…and maintenance.

Adding a second sheet of ice to the Civic Center could top nine-and-a-half million dollars. Other building improvements…fees…and transforming the V-F-W into a fieldhouse could push the price-tag to 24-million dollars. The Civic Center has served East Grand Forks since 1974. The V-F-W dates back to 1982.

The council meets in a work session at five p-m.

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