EGF Bridge Study

EGF Bridge Study Click to Enlarge

East Grand Forks is willing to fund its half of a 30-thousand dollar hydraulic study for a possible bridge at 32nd Avenue South. The analysis would help determine if a fourth river crossing between the two cities can actually be built at that location.

Council member Dale Helms say he’s concerned about spending the money on a report before the site selection is nailed down. Council member Clarence Vetter says it’s the next logical step in the process. Vetter says part of the study will determine it 32nd Avenue is even a viable location.

Mayor Steve Gander says the study results will be timeless. Gander says the site itself won't change so the study should be relevant well into the future.

The funding for the hydraulic analysis is contingent upon Grand Forks chipping in a like amount. The council approved the request Tuesday on a five to one vote.

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