DNR: zebra mussel larvae found in Red Lake, Lake of Woods

DNR: zebra mussel larvae found in Red Lake, Lake of Woods Click to Enlarge

Since confirming zebra mussel larvae in Minnesota’s Red Lake this past March, the state DNR and Red Lake Band DNR have conducted additional plankton surveys in Upper and Lower Red Lake.

More than 100 samples from 10 sites were collected by tribal biologists and processed by the DNR. Four samples contained zebra mussel larvae, called veligers -- two from Upper Red Lake and two from Lower Red Lake. Zebra mussel veliger numbers ranged from one to six per sample.

Repeated occurrences of multiple veligers strongly suggest that zebra mussel reproduction is occurring in the lake. No adult zebra mussels have been confirmed in Red Lake.

Officials say they will develop a comprehensive and aggressive response to these most recent findings.

Meanwhile, the state DNR has confirmed zebra mussel larvae in water samples taken from one of three sites in Lake of the Woods.

No adult or juvenile zebra mussels have been reported, but the number of larvae is substantial.

The Minnesota portion of Lake of the Woods will be added to the infested waters list for zebra mussels, so that people can take necessary precautions.

Zebra mussels negatively impact ecosystems.

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