Demers reconstruction moves to 3rd phase

Demers reconstruction moves to 3rd phase Click to Enlarge

From the City of Grand Forks:

Construction on Demers Ave. in downtown Grand Forks will be moving to Phase III starting on Thursday, October 10, 2019. Phase III of the reconstruction of Demers Ave. will be the reconstruction of the north side of Demers Ave. from 3rd St. to the Sorlie Bridge and reconstruction of the sidewalks along Demers Ave.

During Phase III, 2-way traffic will be open from 6th St. to 3rd St. A temporary traffic signal will be at the intersection of Demers Ave. and 5th St.

There will NOT be a signal at the intersection of 4th St. and Demers. Traffic on Demers at this intersection can travel through or turn right onto 4th St. Traffic on 4th St. at this intersection can only turn right onto Demers. Traffic will not be allowed to travel through or turn left while driving on 4th St.

3rd St. will be closed at the intersection with Demers Ave.

Traffic from 3rd St. to the Sorlie Bridge will allow traffic one direction at a time. Traffic will be metered by a temporary signal on each side of the construction zone.

Parking will not be allowed on Demers Ave. from 6th St. to the Sorlie Bridge during this phase of the project.

Riverboat Road will be closed during Phase III.

The project has four phases and is scheduled to be completed by Nov. 15.

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