Bogus Cop Stop - MN

Bogus Cop Stop - MN Click to Enlarge

A man impersonating a law enforcement officer may be behind the traffic stop of a female driver in Minnesota’s Becker County on Monday night.

The Becker County Sheriff’s office says the woman reported seeing blue and white lights in the rear view mirror as she was driving north on Highway 7 shortly before seven p-m. The driver pulled over believing she was being stopped by law enforcement. A man approached the driver’s side and stated she had a broken tail light and asked her to get out of the vehicle.

Due to his appearance the woman became suspicious and asked if she could see his law enforcement credentials. The male went back to his vehicle and left the scene.

The man was described as 25 to 30 years of age…six feet tall…with a goatee beard…wearing a black winter hat…dark jacket…with what appeared to be a radio microphone on the lapel of his jacket. The vehicle was described as a new white jeep.

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