32nd Avenue Bridge Study

32nd Avenue Bridge Study Click to Enlarge

East Grand Forks officials appear willing to spend 15-thousand dollars on a hydraulic study for a possible bridge at 32nd Avenue South. The M-P-O Board says it’s the next step in choosing a neighborhood river crossing – suggesting locations at Elks Drive…32nd…and 47th Avenue fall under the review.

The cost per location would be 30-thousand dollars – with each city chipping in half. East side council member Clarence Vetter says all signs point to 32nd as the best location - so that should be the first site analyzed.

Mayor Steve Gander says it keeps discussions moving forward.

Council member Dale Helms says he supports a south side bridge - but he also has reservations. Helms says a new bridge might hurt downtown patronage by diverting people away from the center of the city.

Gander says he understands those concerns but that downtown is a “draw” and a majority of its patrons aren’t even from East Grand Forks. The mayor adds the city has a duty to provide a sensible route for its citizens that avoids redundant miles of travel.

The funding for the hydraulic study would be contingent upon Grand Forks also participating. Grand Forks has not yet acted on the request.


Meanwhile….the council also gave tentative approval to capping next year’s tax levy increase at no more than a five percent as it crafts a 2020 city budget.

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