Brian Michaels 

Brian hates telling his life story.  Check out his quiz instead!

favorite movie- I bounce between, The Shawshank Redemption and Godfather 1 or 2. Did you know that Shawshank lost best picture to Forest Gump. Of late I have been quoting Shawshank daily, another nugget about Shawshank: Stephen King short story originally titled "Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption" 

favorite food- it would have to be: Steak...you know Beef It's What's for Dinner..I would be exiled from ND if I were to say Tofu. 

favorite music- honestly I hate all music I am bored with it. 

how do I spend free time- I golf, and sometimes I will get lost in thoughts of going to the gym, all the while not actually going. I admit I watch too much tv. This might be a bit of an over share, but I have watched and entire season of Jersey Shore. No need for a season after the first one, it jumped the shark after the first episode. I learned my lesson. 

do i still have my tonsils- I had them taken out 2nd or 3rd grade. (I should have had them put in a jar, you know for sentimental reasons). I remember the big promise was all the ice cream I could eat...so every time I hear that someone has had their tonsils out, I always think...all the ice cream you can eat. 

do I untie my shoes when I take them off- Yes, don't have much to say about that. 

If I were an animal...I would want to be something that lives a long life like a tortoise, but they are slow and don't have exciting lives and the thought of tortoise me being at some reptile farm when I am 100 years old and kids riding me for a $1.00 doesn't sound fun. One has to give great thought about this, you don't want to pick an animal that there is a season for, that is why duck never gets mentioned. I don't know how long eagles live but I think that would be the best option, the views always moving seeing new things. Plus, images of the eagle are everywhere, on money flags...yep it is settled an eagle. 

bad habits that drive me crazy- Nothing to say here 

do you have any hidden talents- It is embarrassing to say, but no...I am not double jointed I can't breathe through my ears. I am quite pedestrian. 

what would I do with a million dollars-Honestly a million dollars? Really just a million? Not as much as it used to be, we need to update this question to more reflect inflation, cost of living, etc. Mortgage paid, new car..it is a daily battle not to buy a new car. For sure an iPhone 5 (6) (7) (8) (9) {choose most current version} I am sure a long vacation would be in there, I think a two week notice would happen. I am quite sure I would spend it frugally and honestly I can hear myself talking me out of buying a new car, something low mileage and used, it would be cool to hand the salesman a big bag of money to pay for it. One would hope I would stay out of trouble, but having read the sad stories of people winning the lottery and how often the money changes their lives for the worse, you have to be careful.