UND Budget Cuts

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Feb 17, 2017 at 1:55 pm

With budget cuts looming the University of North Dakota has announced the names of three administrators who will be leaving their posts later this year.  The list includes:  Peter Johnson the interim V-P for University and Public Affairs….Laurie Betting who is the interim V-P for Student Affairs…and Alice Brekke the V-P for Finance.   Johnson has applied for early separation as of July 1st.   Brekke will enter into a phased retirement plan until 2019.  Betting will retire this summer. 

The Executive Council has directed all colleges to finalize plans for a 12-percent reduction in funds.  The School of Medicine has been given a ten-percent budget reduction target.  U-N-D Athletics has been asked to cut one-point-three million from its budget.

A weekly campus forum will begin next week to address budget related questions.  The first session is set for February 22nd.


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