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Jul 30, 2014 at 2:09 pm

Participants in the extreme North Dakota Uff Da Mud Run event in Grand Forks likely won’t have to wear life jackets when they swim across the Red River in September – but they will be encouraged to do so.   Grand Forks safety leaders urged members of the safety-service committee last night to mandate the p-d-f’s as a requirement to hold the annual obstacle course race.  Grand Forks Fire Chief Pete O’neill says public safety groups on both sides of the river agree that life jackets should be a must.  O’neill says last year they had to pull 12 swimminers to safety.  Organizer Andy Magness says they plan to have additional lifeguards on site.   Magness says 673 swimmers required no help crossing the “red.”   The committee went against the advice of safety officials saying it’s a matter of personal responsibility.    The recommendation goes to the full city council.

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