Springfest A Go...Maybe

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Apr 26, 2013 at 7:00 am

The Grand forks park district hopes the weekend warm-up serves to dry up conditions in university park.   The park will be the site of the annual springfest event on may 4th.    Thousands of university students are expected to attend the end of the year bash featuring food…beer…and music.    park officials say this year’s late snowmelt means park conditions are less than ideal.  the park district has already banned motorized vehicles on the grounds.   Between 80 and 85 porta-potties will now be set along the edges of the park and the staging area will have to be placed on the street.   Parks director john staley says they’ve got their fingers crossed that conditions improve.


park leaders say they are reasonably certain the show to go on but if ma nature doesn’t cooperate the park will be closed to all traffic that day.

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