Cavalier Flooding (update)

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May 23, 2013 at 1:54 pm

guard_cav.JPG Most evacuated residents of a flood-threatened North Dakota city will be allowed to return home Friday.
     Residents were evacuated from Cavalier on Tuesday night while officials shored up a dam six miles west on the Tongue River. Five days of steady rain led to a 17-foot rise in the lake behind Renwick Dam.
     Pembina County Emergency Manager Andrew Kirking says the water has been dropping steadily since mid-day Wednesday. He says residents will be allowed to return at 7 a.m. Friday with the understanding they might have to leave again if conditions worsen.
     Kirking says five dozen patients from a hospital, nursing home and assisted living facility are not being allowed back until the lake returns to normal levels, which should happen in a week to 10 days.

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While the danger remains very real for flooding downstream of the Renwick dam in Pembina county some positives are developing as well.  Residents in cavalier faced a mandory evacuation order last night (tues).   overnight work crews added a couple of feet to the dam spillway.   All dams along the tongue river are operating as designed.  The power is also still on in the city of cavalier and the city’s lift station continues to operate.   County spokesperson barb Whelan says the sun is out and the streets are dry.

the red cross shelter in drayton is scheduled to close this evening if there is no demand.  nobody stayed at the shelter tuesday night.   Governor jack dalrymple made a stop in cavalier today to check on the city’s flood fighting efforts.   The governor also toured crystal and grafton.

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