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Nov 15, 2012 at 7:10 am

Passage of measure four in last week’s election will mean some significant tweaking of local ordinances around the state.  The new state law imposes additional restrictions not in many city codes.    In Grand Forks those include such things as moving the smoking exclusion zone from doorways and open windows from 15 to 20 feet… banning e-cigarettes...and adding all business related vehicles to the ban not just taxi’s and buses.   City Attorney Howard Swanson says businesses will also be required to post additional no-smoking signage…motels/hotels will no longer be allowed to offer designated smoking rooms…and all puffing is banned in retail smoking establishments including cigar shops and hookah lounges.   Swanson says state health officials are getting ready to launch an informational campaign to explain the new law.   The effective date of the initiated measure is December 6th

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