UND Banners

UND Banners Click to Enlarge

A plan to improve the “aesthetic experience” at the University of North Dakota includes light pole banners in and around the campus. U-N-D has asked the city of Grand Forks for permission to place banners on 91 existing street poles.

The corridors in question include: University Avenue…Columbia Road…North 42nd Street…and 6th Avenue North. Assistant City Engineer Mark Walker says the size of the banners would be approximately 30 inches wide by 60 to 70 inches high.

UND intends to hire a structural engineer to determine if the existing street light poles are of adequate strength to support the banners.

If approved the banners would likely go up during spring break (March).

U-N-D planners are also working on a network of branded campus signage to help direct visitors where they need to go.

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