President Trump Visits ND

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President Donald Trump didn't miss a chance during a visit to a North Dakota oil refinery to remind supporters of his aid for the Dakota Access pipeline.

Trump pushed through final federal approval of the $3.8 billion project to move North Dakota oil to Illinois shortly after taking office. The project had been stalled due to a lawsuit and protests by American Indian tribes and environmental groups.

Trump during his speech noted the opposition but also said opponents "didn't know" why they were against the project.

Opponents worry about the pipeline's impact on the environment and cultural sites. Greenpeace issued a statement before Trump's speech saying the pipeline battle "was and is about indigenous sovereignty and the protection of Native land and water supply."

Trump said pushing through the pipeline's completion was "the right thing to do."


President Donald Trump told farmers and ranchers in North Dakota coping with a deep drought that he's with them "100 percent" but said nothing about the state's request for a disaster declaration.

Trump told several hundred supporters gathered at a Mandan refinery on Wednesday that he understood the devastation the drought has brought. But he noted the damage Hurricane Harvey has done in Texas, and said, "You are better off."

Gov. Doug Burgum made the request almost a month ago. The federal government has provided some aid, but a presidential declaration could pave the way for direct disaster payments to producers affected by drought.

Burgum says he pressed the matter of the declaration with Trump earlier in the day, and planned to travel again to Washington on Thursday to lobby for it.

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