New effort for ND legalized marijuana

New effort for ND legalized marijuana Click to Enlarge

Another effort to initiate a constitutional measure ending prohibition of marijuana has reached the Secretary of State’s office.

Secretary Al Jaeger confirmed that a sponsoring committee submitted a petition to his office at 4:10 Monday afternoon.

The petition says the measure would require legislators to create a regulatory system for the plant genus cannabis, allowing people the right to petition for public sale of marijuana.

Jaeger and the attorney general’s office must review the format of the petition, which will be done between May 28th and 30th.

If it’s approved, Jaeger says 26,904 signatures will be needed to get the measure on the 2020 ballot.

Jaeger said for elections in 2020, "the filing deadline for petitions is prior to midnight on Feb. 10 for the June 9 election and prior to midnight on July 6 for the Nov. 3 election."

Last November, North Dakota voters rejected a measure to legalize recreational marijuana. Voters approved medical marijuana in 2016.

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