Nearly 800 get free CAT rides on Election Day

Nearly 800 get free CAT rides on Election Day Click to Enlarge

The offer of free bus rides on Election Day attracted higher-than-usual numbers to Cities Area Transit buses.

According to Transportation Division Director Dale Bergman, the city asked CAT to make free rides available on the regular routes.

Bergman says there’s no way to track how many riders actually voted.

“We had 797 people ride that day,” Bergman said, “which, when you look at the overall factors of per-day items, it might be about 50 more people than we normally would have.”

At least 475 riders were of voting age.

Bergman says he believes free rides on Election Day are a good public relations device for the city.

In the sales-tax election a year ago, free rides were offered from the downtown transit station to the polling place at Alerus Center. Officials said only 24 people rode the “election bus” and only four used Dial-A-Ride.

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