NDUS - UND Building Renamed

NDUS - UND Building Renamed Click to Enlarge

The former University of North Dakota School of medicine and Health Sciences building now has a new name -- Columbia Hall. The North Dakota Board of Higher Education approved the change on Thursday. U-N-D officials say with the new med complex up and running it was confusing to have both buildings known as the School of Medicine. U-N-D President Mark Kennedy says they opted to go with a more "generic" name because the future of the building is unknown.

Kennedy says the cost of external signage will be kept to a minimum with a sleeve going over the current marker.


The North Dakota Board of Higher Education also approved a request by the University of North Dakota to raze eight campus buildings. They are among 13 buildings being looked at as part of a master plan to improve space utilization and reduce maintenance costs.

The buildings slated for demo include: Center for Community Engagement… Chandler Hall…Era Bell Thompson Center…International Center…Strinden Center…Women’s Center…and properties at 29-12 University and 314 Cambridge.

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