ND Voter Turnout

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Voter turnout for North Dakota's primary election was the third worst in the state's last ten June elections.

Voting statistics compiled by the North Dakota Secretary of State show Tuesday's statewide ballot drew 114,340 North Dakotans to the polls. That's a turnout rate of 19.6 percent.

North Dakota has no voter registration. Turnout is calculated by comparing the number of voters to an estimate of North Dakota's voting age population. Officials say almost 582,000 people were eligible to cast ballots.

A total of eight-thousand-929 ballots were cast in Grand Forks County. That included one-thousand-691 early votes and 757 vote-by-mail ballots.

The most anemic statewide turnout in the past ten June elections was during the 2014 primary, when 17 percent of eligible North Dakotans voted.

The highest turnout was in 2012, when almost 33 percent of eligible North Dakotans voted.

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