ND Supreme Court hears arguments on GF appeal case

ND Supreme Court hears arguments on GF appeal case Click to Enlarge

North Dakota’s Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday on an appeal case involving a Grand Forks man.

Court documents say Jake Doornek was eating snack foods while concealed inside a circular clothing rack in the south Grand Forks Walmart last year. When confronted, Doornek stripped to his underwear, and left the store without paying for the food. Police found him across the street, lying on the ground. Police say Doornek kicked the heads of the two officers.

In the appeal, Doornek argues that the theft and assault charges tried against him should not have been tried together, and that the evidence was insufficient.

Defense attorney Kiara Kraus-Parr says the officers testified that there was no indication that Doornek knew that they were police officers.

Assistant Grand Forks state’s attorney Haley Wamstad says the city and state believe the district court did not err by denying Doornek’s motion for acquittal.

The state’s high court took the matter under advisement.

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