ND Session Ends

The 2017 North Dakota Legislature has adjourned after 77 days.

The House and Senate finished their work Thursday evening, amid a backdrop of a struggling economy that forced lawmakers in the once-thriving state to dampen spending for the first time in several years.
The session lasted 77 days, or just short of the 80-day maximum set by the state constitution.
Lawmakers on the final day put the finishing touches on last-minute spending bills.
The Legislature's general fund spending plan for the 2017-19 budget cycle that begins July 1 is about $4.3 billion. That's down about $1.7 billion from what was approved two years ago, due to a slumping economy.

Despite budget cuts House Majority Leader Al Carlson called it a good session. House Minority Leader Corey Mock of Grand forks called it difficult but rewarding.

The last day of the session is commonly called Sine Die , which means adjourning without setting another meeting.

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