ND - Otter Trapping Allowed

ND - Otter Trapping Allowed Click to Enlarge

North Dakota will become the latest state to allow the killing of North American river otters if the state's governor signs off.

Game and Fish officials in July will recommend to Gov. Doug Burgum that the state hold a four-month otter trapping season beginning in late November, with a limit of 15 animals.

Experts say the U.S. otter population is thriving thanks to improvements in water quality, reintroduction programs in many states and regulated harvests. Game and Fish biologist Stephanie Tucker says enough otters have moved into eastern North Dakota from Minnesota to warrant a trapping season.

Animal welfare groups worry the expansion of otter trapping in the U.S. and Canada in recent decades isn't sustainable. But so far there's no organized effort to oppose North Dakota's proposal.

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