ND Homeless Persons Have Increased

ND Homeless Persons Have Increased Click to Enlarge

The number of homeless people in North Dakota increased in the past year with people in search of work accounting for the greatest number of those without housing.

April Fairfield, executive director of the North Dakota Coalition for Homeless People, says volunteers counted 331 "unsheltered" homeless people during a one-day survey on Jan. 26. That's up from 216 unsheltered homeless last year but down from a record 1,395 in 2013.This year's higher count comes as the state has slashed funding to combat the problem due to budget problems brought on by depressed oil and crop prices.The Legislature included $2 million for homeless programs in the two-year budget that ended in 2015. Legislators have set aside only $300,000 in the budget that starts July 1.

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