MN Gov. Dayton announces new biodiesel standard

MN Gov. Dayton announces new biodiesel standard Click to Enlarge

Governor Mark Dayton has announced that Minnesota will implement a new biodiesel standard next spring, as Minnesota moves to a 20 percent biodiesel blend.

Starting in May of 2018, B-20 will be sold at filling stations across Minnesota during summer months, when higher biodiesel blends can be used reliably.

In October of next year, the biodiesel blend will drop back to B-5 to ensure cold-weather reliability.

Then, beginning in 2019, B-20 will be available from April through September every year.

A large portion of Minnesota’s biodiesel is made from home-grown soybeans.

Dayton says the biodiesel industry will add an average of 63 cents to the market price of a bushel of soybeans for state farmers, while reducing about a million tons of CO2 emissions next year, under the new standard.

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